Welcome to Fereydoon Soleimani's art gallery.

Artist Statement

 Being a teacher and an artist, I see a great deal of similarity between learning and art making. I engage with information and object in the hope of learning. For me a reciprocal relationship with any information, object or person, is about having a conversation. I collect simple objects that their beauty and meaningfulness have been overlooked and I converse with them. The aesthetics of the objects alone or in a relational collection with other objects opens a space in which I can create a hopeful gaze at life, the sort that has this utopian outlook for art to make lives better. I put objects together as if I am conversing with them in a way that excites me and magnifies the beauty of that relational collage of objects. In this journey, I apply a wide range of media including oil, acrylic paint, paper, wood, plastic, wire, etc. I am hoping that my work of art, can speak to the audience about this learning process of engagement.